TOEA Board of Directors (2018-2019)

President                Sandy Kimbrough

President-Elect Teresa Machu

Past President                    Kenneth Pyle  

VP - Financial Melissa Munsell

VP - Membership             Pete Silvius   

VP - Public Relations        Patty Donaldson

Recording Secretary      Lisa Wise      


Executive Secretary            Erik Silvius       



Brief Description of the Duties and Responsibilities of each board position:

The President-Elect reviews the previous workshop information, coordinates the food service at the workshop, presides at the Executive Board meetings in the absence of the President and is the President’s understudy in preparation for assuming the duties of that office.

The President presides at the Executive Board meetings, appoints all committees, works with Vice-President for Finance to prepare annual operating budget and serves as the workshop coordinator for the annual state teacher workshop.  The workshop coordinator is responsible obtaining presenters, setting the workshop schedule, working with the Executive Secretary to secure the H.E. Butt Foundation camp and all insurance required.

The Past President chairs the nominating committee which is responsible for obtaining candidates for the election of the officers for that year and serves as the chair of the audit committee to conduct the annual audit of the financial records.

The Vice-President for Membership maintains the membership records of the association, receives preregistrations for the workshops, makes cabin assignments assigns for the workshop, registers all participants at the workshop and checks out all participants as they depart the workshop.

The Vice-President for Finance is responsible for developing the annual operating budget in conjunction with the President, for receipt and deposit of all funds, for payment of all bills and for maintaining the financial records of the association.

The Vice-President for Public Relations is primarily responsible for assembling and producing the quarterly newsletter and providing information to the webmaster to update the website.  The VP-Public Relations also works to gather information on outdoor activities and opportunities for publication to our members and chairs the committee to select outstanding outdoor education programs for awards.

The Recording Secretary is primarily responsible for taking the minutes of each meeting and then preparing and distributing the minutes to the other Officers.  The Recording Secretary maintains various records until they can be transferred to the archives.